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peruvian textile

peruvian textile

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in andean villages, life stories are written in textiles. this exquisite handwoven piece was made using a traditional peruvian backstrap loom and took the artisan over three months to complete. said to bring good fortune, use it as a shawl, table or bed runner, or ceremonial cloth. it is a true honor to own a piece that has been woven from the heart.


origin ::

ollantaytambo, peru

materials ::

100% baby alpaca

details ::

handmade. one of a kind.

measures 15 inches x 86 inches

its story written in the symbolism has not only meaning, but also holds intention and energy:

the birds are condors, and in incan symbolism are the only bird strong enough to fly up to the heavens to deliver messages to god. the black and white diamond strips represent the male and female and their duality. also woven into this story is the sun god, the seasons and agricultural cycles, mountains and lakes.

the vibrant colors are achieved using traditional natural dyes from plants and even insects.

there are no written records for the weaving process; andean textile traditions have instead been passed down from mother to daughter for generations, and it is all done from memory. 

about the magical town ::

located in the sacred valley of peru, ollantaytambo is the only remaining town built by the inca that is still inhabited by andean people living in the traditional way. its massive stone walls and ingenious building techniques continue to confound and amaze visitors. the treasures and traditions hidden behind these walls are truly something to behold.


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