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land & sea leather wallet

land & sea leather wallet

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this buttery leather wallet was handmade using all natural dyes to achieve its stunning colors. mint and indigo for turquoise, cedar wood for brown, and saffron for the mustard yellow. It features four separate pockets as well as a back slot for easy access.

origin ::

fez, morocco

materials ::

genuine leather

details ::

handmade. one of a kind. measures 6 inches x 3.75 inches.

about the magical town ::

the city of fez is known throughout morocco as the capital for top-quality leather goods. the tanneries are a massive production that the moroccans have down to a science. the most fascinating feature is the natural materials used to color the hides. pomegranate is used to achieve hot pink, mint leaves for green, indigo for blue, saffron for yellow, poppy for red, henna for orange, and loads of other natural materials for any color you can dream up.

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