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round bali bag

round bali bag

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the sweetest thing out of bali - these jungle grass bags are my favorite treasures! cleverly lined with bright sarong fabric, they're perfectly neutral on the outside with a surprise pop of color when you open them up.

origin ::

bali, indonesia

materials ::

smoked + dried jungle grass

details ::

genuine leather strap

hinge opening

100% cotton lined

snap closure

8" diameter x 3" deep

about the magical town ::

one of the most magical places on our planet, it seems all of life is lived in ceremony in bali. there is always a celebration, honoring, blessing, praying and cleansing. a culture so warm, you'll feel embraced walking down the street greeted by the friendly smiles of the locals. whether you're drawn in by the temples or beaches, you'll want to stay for reasons only your heart knows, in an almost indescribable way because it simply feels good.

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