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the wild unknown animal spirit tarot

the wild unknown animal spirit tarot

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filled with powerful animal archetypes and creatures grounded in the natural world, this beautiful and unique deck is an instant favorite. it can be used for finding insight into relationships, personalities, behaviors, and tendencies through the animal spirits that animate the forests, deserts, oceans and air all around us. it is the perfect deck for frequent guidance and inspiration.

may your mind stay open and your wings span wide... and have fun on your journey.

origin ::

portland, oregon, usa

details ::

deck contains 63 beautifully illustrated, vibrant, heavy-stock cards.

deck is accompanied by a 200-page guide to the animals, creatures, and elements that animate the wild unknown animal spirit deck. written and illustrated by kim krans.

each deck includes a fold-out poster and comes housed in a sturdy iridescent box with grey lifting ribbon.

about the artist ::

artist, writer and creator kim krans' journey to create the wild unknown was inspired by bob dylan's lyrics: "so i cut off my hair and i rode straight away, to the wild unknown country where i could not go wrong". this sparked the creation of two tarot decks, a handful of beautiful childrens books and artwork with a unique style krans would come to be known for.

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