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she wolfe tarot

she wolfe tarot

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description ::
the second tarot deck by artist and writer devany wolfe, she wolfe tarot takes you further along your spiritual quest into self-understanding and connecting with your higher purpose. this deck holds similarities to serpentfire tarot in that there are a few congruent themes: the goddess, ancient egypt and vintage desert imagery - and the same foundational base of self-love and exploration. but it departs in the style, which is much more clean, concise and impactful. the symbols and meanings are easier to glean, but as always there is an accompanying guidebook for further learning.
instead of borders, each suit has its own subtle, muted color as a base to each card. the artwork is built in layers on top of this base, lending itself to the surrealism that serpentfire has become well known for, but in a fresh, new way.
your odyssey awaits...
origin ::

toronto, ontario

details ::

cards are edged in a rich rose gold.

deck is accompanied by a comprehensive card meanings + readings booklet written by the artist.

both the deck and the booklet come inside of a decorative and durable two-piece box.

about the artist ::

based in toronto, ontario, devany wolfe has been working in the arts for 15 years. she is a multidisciplinary creatress with an academic background in painting and drawing. her art is created as a honour to kundalini energy.

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